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Numak, an Italian firm and a point of reference in terms of planning and building distribution systems and fuel control since more than 20 years. It is sufficient to underline the sale success of its product line in different sectors, such as transport, agriculture, military sector, naval sector, aeronautic sector, construction sector and sport, especially F1 motor industry. Thousands of private installations in 2005 pushed the firm to move in the new building set in the industrial zone Sant'Andrea at Castello d'Argile (Bologna). The new structure is bigger and up-to-date and it allows facing the more and more numerous clients' requests.
The most important product created by the company both from the hardware and software point of view is certainly the PetrolControl system, a self-service installation (24h/d) which allows, by the use of personal transponders, controlling the company vehicle consumption, thus accelerating refuelling without any useless time loss in external distributors. The PetrolControl system is equipped with a software, entirely planned and build by Numak, which manages and registers data concerning refuelling and transmits them to the office PC, thus having a recapitulating documentation of all movements. It is possible to manage until 30 dislocated headquarters; the management programme is periodically updated, considering clients' requests.

In the Numak product line, there is also the range of tanks able to meet any need: the diesel tanks to contain fuel, the burying tanks to collect gas oil, petrol and liquids in general, the transport tanks for fuel, available both in carbon steel and in polyethylene. Also the Numak ecological line is very important; it is composed by polyethylene containers to contain water, run down oil, vegetable oil and antifreeze, available in various capacities and models. Numak also provides a wide range of varnished, stainless-steel ATEX approved hose reels.

The last Numak product is the new line of the fuel anti-theft systems, built to ensure a complete control. The NK3000 litre counter, ATEX conform, for input fuel control in the storage tank or purchased from the supplier. The litre counter is available in different capacities and models, thus ensuring a high precision. To be protected against the gas oil thefts, it is indispensable to avoid the abusive suction of fuel from the truck tank filler; especially for this reason, Numak proposes a new anti-theft device easy to be installed that does not demand mechanic interventions and it is compatible with more than 90% vehicles. An important element for Numak leadership in the fuel products field is also the Technical Assistance service by a staff of qualified technicians who intervene 24h/d on the whole national territory and the after-sales service, which offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts to complete the installations (dispensing guns, litre counters, pumps, graduated measures, metric bars, level indicators etc.) The continuous research and planning of new products for fuel and liquids control allows Numak imposing even in international markets, thus obtaining positive risults for its reliability and its product quality..